Dr. Santosh Bhosle felciatating Santosh Basnet MBA Student for his achevement  Gold medal Felicitating Mr. Sakeel Siddiqui.jpg Training and placement Officer, Prof. S.V Lomte felicitating the speaker Mr. S.M Shuttari SWOT Analysis Workshop : 2015

Academic Events

“Employability Enhancement Program ”

Date: 19th Nov 2017

Department of MBA organised 'Employability Enhancement Program' (EEP) for MBA 1st and 2nd Year students, in association with Naandi Foundation (Mahindra Pride Classroom). EEP consists of 20 sessions each of 2 hours. The training was conducted by Mr.Sachin Joshi, a well known trainer. Total 34 students from both years attended the programme. The training on employability will help the students connect with industry before they step into employment. Providing such training would have twin benefits. Firstly, the students are well prepared to enter the job market, which will positively impact their productivity at the workplace and secondly, companies will be spread of the huge amounts of investment required in pre-employment training, especially in the area like soft skill. The programme will give them self-confident in their profession.

“MBA Department, Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad organized a Felicitation Program for MBA students Batch 2015-17 and 2016-18-Guest: Mr. Sanjay Ambekar ”

Date: 17th Nov 2017

For the First year students who will be entering II sem this year, the word of advice of these toppers was a source of great inspiration and guidance. The session concluded with all the staff wishing the toppers and the current student’s successful academic years ahead.

“NLP Training Program Report-Date: 16.11.2017& 17.11.2017 ”

Date: 16.11.2017& 17.11.2017

MBA Department, Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad organized a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training Program for the MBA 1st&2nd Year Students. Ms.Kiran Padhi, certified NLP trainer from Mumbai conducted the programme.

The Training was conducted in four parts as follows:
A.Coaching Conversation - (As per ICF Life Coaching and NLP Standards)
B. Activity on Goal Setting.
C.HR practices and a firsthand view on how things work, challenges we face at work, what impact these HR practices create, what does one look for in fresher etc.
D. Importance of projects, Self Branding, Social media presence and participation and networking.

Students acquired Specific Skills by Using NLP; such as -
• The ability to choose emotional states such as concentration, confidence, enthusiasm, motivation, influence, or learning.
• Creative thinking skills.
• Verbal and non verbal communication skills.
• Decision making skills.
• Listening skills.

“Mock Interview - Mr. Sanjay Ambekar and Mr. Sunil Unde ”

Date: 08.07.2017

A mock interview is an emulation of an interview used for training purposes. The interview tries to resemble a real interview as close as possible, and provide experience for the candidate. Believing in all-round development of our students, MBA Department arranged a session on personal interviews for MBA II Year students in order to judge their HR credibility. The interviews were taken by Mr. Sanjay Ambekar and Mr. Sunil Unde, consisting of expert Industrialist. In the Interview Session, students were questioned on the topics like Subject specialization. The Interviewer analysis the student’s confidence, communication skills, attitude, body language etc. The main purpose of this mock interview session was to identify the level of technical knowledge and to prepare them for their final placement along with their overall development. Students displayed great interest in the mock interview session and found it very useful for their career development.

“Fundamentals of Computer Applications”

4th& 5th August 2017

MBA Department, Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad organized a Two Day workshop on “Fundamentals of Computer Applications” for MBA I & II year Students on 4th& 5th August 2017.
• Introduction of Computer System.
• Introduction of windows and Linux operating systems and its installation.
• Use of Internet: Information Searching tools, use of application software, use of email services etc…
• Network Terminologies, Hands-on about network skill, router, switches and cable case studies.
• Practical Experience with Computer Hardware parts.

“Social day 2017”

07th January 2017

The students and faculty members of MBA Department of Maharashtra Institute of Technology ( MIT ), Aurangabad visited Bhagwanbaba Balakashram ( Orphanage ), at Vasadi, Tq.Kannad, Dist. Aurangabad on. The visit was organized under Social Day Activity of the institute. The students and teachers of MBA Department donated daily need items such as clothes, footwear, bed sheets, toys, stationery items like notebooks, pen, pencil, and sports equipments such as cricket kit, badminton rackets, football, etc. to the residents on this occasion. The boys were delighted by receiving the gift items. Then all the faculty members played various games such as cricket, badminton, pass the ball, etc with the kids. Later staff and students of MIT enjoyed lunch with the Ashram boys.

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Offering Gifts to Students

Group Photo

Group Photo

Group Photo

Lunch with students

Lunch with students

Students Playing games

Students Playing games

Students Playing games

“Parent Meet 2017”

25th February 2017

MBA Department of Maharashtra Institute of Technology organized Annual Parents meet 2017 on 25th Feb.2017. Dr.Santosh Bhosle, Head of the Department MBA and Principal, shared his views and interacted with the parents. He highlighted the importance of this meet. Students should never forget their parents and teachers in life. In his speech he focused on different initiatives undertaken by the department for overall development of the students. He told that we also motivate the students to become entrepreneurs. He answered the queries raised by parents.

Parent Meet 2017 Group Photo

Principal Dr. Santosh Bhosle with MBA Staff, Parents.

TPO Prof.Leena Coates Addressing parents

“One Day Workshop on “Aptitude Skills & How to face Interview” ”

4th February 2017

MBA Department, Maharashtra Institutes of Technology Aurangabad organized a One Day Workshop on “Aptitude Skills & How to face Interview “on 4th February 2017, Dr. Santosh Bhosle Principal MIT B.Tech felicitated our guest & speaker Mr. Krunal Patel Centre Director, T.I.M.E. Aurangabad.

Dr.S.P.Bhosle felicitating Mr.Krunal Patel

Felicitating Mr. Sakeel Siddiqui

Guest with faculties

Mr.krunal Patel with MBA students and faculty

Students appearing Aptitude

students receiving certificate 1.jpg


students receiving certificate

students receiving certificate

students receiving certificate

students receiving certificate

students receiving certificate

students receiving certificate

Workshop participatants

“Emotional Bank is more important than Currency Bank”

Held on 31st Jan 2015

Department of Management Science, Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad organized a One Day workshop on SWOT ANALYSIS for the Management and Engineering students on 15th October 2015. Dr. Santosh Bhosle, Principal felicitated Speaker Mr. R.H.Marlapalle, Executive Vice President-Strategic HR/IR & EHS – Endurance Group.

Distinguished persona Mr. R.H.Marlapalle explained SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) the thought leader designed the workshop on 7 habits of highly effective people originated from Stephen Covey Book in his own style. His focus was on DARE TO DREAM HIGH-BY SWOT WAY.

The workshop familiarized the students with SWOT framework with focus on their personality and soft skills with few instructional aids provided by the trainer and assessment which provided a forum for the participant to formulate efficient and pertinent strategies in implementing the SWOT amongst the students.

The workshop participant also developed and wrote model of their own SWOT through psychometric test on attitude and team building exercise. Mr. R.H. Marlapalle also enlightened students with new concept of “Emotional Bank Account” by giving various examples. He told a person should be committed by his words and behavior whereby he can credit more honor into his account on the other side if the individual is not doing the same your reliability will get debited.

Total numbers of participants were 120 from various management and engineering colleges like Matsyodri Shikshan Santhas College of Engineering and Technology Jalna, Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, PES, Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies, Government Engineering MCA, University MBA and MCA department, Maharashtra Institute of Technology and Marathwada Institute of Technology.

“Team Building Program”

Held on 04/9/2015 at Barakpur village in association with Naturo Feels near Palshi.

Department of Management Science organized a “Team Building Program” activity on 04/9/2015 at Barakpur village in association with Naturo Feels near Palshi road for MBA 1st and 2nd year student’s session August-December 2015.

● Increase each participant’s sense of confidence and create a feeling of accomplishment.
● Increase participants’ understanding of themselves and one another.
● Develop the initiative and responsibilities necessary to accomplish a task through group planning and teamwork, brainstorming, and problem solving.
● Help facilitate group growth, ease a group through a difficult period or process, and develop cohesiveness among group members

Team Building Implementation
1. Ice breaker session was organized i.e. Know yourself and team members. In all 37 students including MBA first and second year introduce about themselves.
2. We started with Navigational Trek were students have to identified few places were hints were hidden and they have to report to the concern faculties. Students enjoyed while trekking and was able to identify all the hidden hints.
3. Big Picture the goal was synergy of individual, team and organizational goals. Team members have to choose any type of organization and they were supposed to talk on organization and individual goals and objective.
After post lunch we started our activities with sports, one group was playing football, other group Kabbadi and so on. The activities enthrall the students.

Learning Outcome:
Students learned to share the positive results among themselves and also learned how to influence the team mates to achieve positive results. A sort of simulation games allowed them to show up their dynamics i.e. leadership and decision making. They developed a mutual trust and maintained among themselves.

Inaugural Program of “Anth-Prerna” (….an Entrepreneurship initiative)

Held on 31st Jan 2015

Management Sciences Department at Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) has organized an inaugural ceremony of “Entrepreneurship Development Cell” in the presence of Dr. Satish Mokashe (former MCED official), Prof. Sanjay Deshmukh (Director, Nuture & Earth R&D Pvt. Ltd.), Principal (B.Tech) Dr. S.P. Bhosle, DEAN-MIT-School of Management Dr. Goutam Saha on 31/01/2015 in MIT(B.Tech) campus.

Introductory speech was given by Dr. Goutam Saha, DEAN-Management Sciences. He introduced the “Entrepreneurial Development Cell” to the guest as “Anth-Prerna” means self-motivated the name which is given to this cell. The chief guest of the program Prof. Satish Mokashe motivated the students with his thought provoking speech.
In the inaugural program he had spoken on “Entrepreneurial Skills & Entrepreneurship”. In his speech he addressed the students on various aspects of life and how one can become an entrepreneur by believing & valuing oneself. He also stressed on willingness & commitment for achieving the desired goal by quoting the words of Vivekanand i.e. Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached. Prof. Sanjay Deshmukh Director of Nuture & Earth R&D Pvt. Ltd. was also one of the invited guests of the function. He has extended his support for guiding the students regarding any help required for setting up a business. Dr. Santosh Bhosle, Principal MIT (B.Tech) addressed the students on entrepreneurship & entrepreneurial abilities. He appreciated the way Prof. Mokashe started his speech & ended it with very interesting stories of entrepreneurs.

MIT-DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, Aurangabad has organized a two day event MIT-WAVES 2015 - Intercollegiate event at the district level dated 24th and 25th Feburary 2015. The event was inaugurated by Hon. Principal of MIT (T), Dr. Santosh P Bhosle. Dr. Goutam G Saha, Dean-MIT-Management Sciences mentioned for the first time competition for the summer in-plant projects is initiated by the MIT-Department of management Sciences and next year state level competition would be arranged for the same. Hon. Principal of MIT(T), Dr. Santosh Bhosle has appreciated all the participants for their overwhelmed response and enthusiasm. The event had various events such as Kick-Starter, Click Buzz, Business Quiz, Poster Presentation, & Summer In-plant projects for the undergraduate level and post graduate level students. The kick starter was based on business game, and Click Buzz was a treasure hunt based on clue given to participants. The other events such as poster presentation were theme based such as global warming, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan etc. The objective of the MIT-Waves is to explore the ideas and innovations from the participants and thereby motivate them towards the management education. This event helped the students to showcase their skill sets and their potential. This will enable the students to unlock their hidden skills for their personal excellence in professional career. In all there were 150 + participants from the various institutes and they enjoyed a lot during the event.

MIT WAVES 2015- Was Held on 24th and 25th February 2015

G.S.Mandal's Department of Management Science, Aurangabad is organizing an Inter collegiate District level two day event "MIT WAVES 2015" on 24 & 25 Feb 2015. Foster your Skills by participating in:

MBA - Different Games / Competitiions

UG -Different Games / Competitiions

Click here to Download Registration Form of UG-MIT WAVES 2015 Click here to Download Registration Form of PG-MIT WAVES 2015


Held on 14th Nov 2014

Report on 6th Stakeholder Convene Program

G.S.Mandal's Department of Management Science has organized its 6th Stakeholders convene program on 14/11/2014. The program has been named as “ANUBHUTI”-2014. Every faculty highlighted the functioning of the MBA program. The Vice Principal Prof. Vinay Chidri sir spoke about Outcome Based Education and requested the parents to visit the institute often.

Dean MIT-SOM Dr. Goutam Saha in his speech explained Concept and Philosophy behind Mission 700 days. He explained the following methodologies.
1) Foundation
2) Application
3) integration and
4) Reinforcement.
Under Campus to Corporate Activities, there are workshops/Guest lecture, Magic Saturday and industrial visits. Dean shown the importance of Parents forum A link for parents. He highlighted four factors namely.
a) Generation gap is only communication gap.
b) Reciprocating parenting.
c) The Emotional Quotient and
d) Learning Disabilities and about depression.


Held on 9th Aug 2014

ARAMBHA-2014, the 6th Induction programme conducted at G.S.Mandal's Department of Management Science

ARAMBHA-2014, the 6th Induction program of the MBA first year was held on 9th August, 2014. The objective of this program was to orient the new inductees’ to the culture of G.S.Mandal's Department of Management Science, introduce them to the faculty members, provide an outline of the academic program and give an overview of important verticals. The event commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Goutam G Saha, Director, MIT-SOM. Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Walmik Sarwade, Dean-Management Science, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University and the Guest of Honor was Shri Rajesh Jawlekar, Group HR Head, Endurance Technologies Pvt Ltd who also addressed the students. Dr Santosh Bhosle, Principal , MIT(B Tech), gave the presidential speech. Prof. Divya Sharma proposed the vote of thanks. MBA-Oath ceremony was also conducted for all the MBA students. Topper of previous batch & existing batch were felicitated by the guest.

Shri Rajesh Jawlekar emphasized on the KSA sills that the students need to develop i.e. Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes. He also said that the students need to be passionate in all their endeavors. Dr Walmik Sarwade told the students that they should be capable of overcoming their problems. He stressed on the Management Mantra of Silence & Smile. He also assured on continuous improvement in the academic system. Prof. Shweta Gaikwad, Prof. Manjiri, Prof. Yogesh, Prof Divya Sharma, Prof M A Majed, Prof Syed Mohsin, Prof Manisha Patange, Prof Leena Coates, Ms Shraddha , Arshad Shaikh, Deepak Munjal,Rameshwar Bhavar, Krishnapal Singh, Sachin Sable, Nitish Gajhans ,Vilas Tathe worked enthusiastically to make this programme successful.

MIT MBA Students Won TATA NANO TWIST Competition

Held in Mar 2014

MIT Management Sciences Students won First Prize in TATA NANO TWIST competition organized by TATA Motors and students got placed.

TATA MOTORS organized competition “TATA NANO TWIST” for all Management Institute students from Aurangabad. The aim of the competition was to implement their innovative marketing skills and knowledge practically on field. The MIT Management students presented the unique “Gruhalaxmi 2014” promotional plan and same plan was implemented at various locations in Aurangabad city. More than 500 women participated in the competition “Gruhalaxmi 2014”. The various games were organized for women as well as children. The winning candidate received the semi paithani and runner up received the gifts. During the promotional plan 5 TATA NANO TWIST cars booked.

The team leader was Narendra Pandit and his team members were Pranshant Koranne, Chinmay kulkarni, Somesh Shah, Nikita Mahurkar, Priti Dixit, Sonal Bhagwat, Ashwini Garad, Devesh Darap, Shashikant Mahamuni.

Students Won TATA NANO TWIST Competition

Students felicitated by Dr. Santosh Bhosle, Principal, MIT (T), Aurangabad

MIT Waves - 2014

Organized on 7th Feb & 8th Feb, 2014

Thinkcity (Case Study Presentation)

The objective of this competition was to provide a platform for the students to test their prowess in Identification of the problem, problem solving, decision making in complex situation etc.

The judges for the said event were:

  1. Dr. Syed Azharuddin
    Associate Professor
    Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad
  2. Mr. Harshal Sharma
    Corporate Assistant Manager
    Endurance Technologies Pvt Ltd., Waluj, Aurangabad

Cinepact..And Action!!! (Role Play)

The main purpose of this event to engage the students in real-life situations or scenarios that can be stressful, unfamiliar, complex or sometimes even controversial and which require them to examine their personal feelings toward others under the role playing situations.

The judges for the said event were:

  1. Dr. Aparna Saraf
    Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Management Science
    Maulana Azad College, Aurangabad
  2. Mohd. Naser Farooqui
    Assistant Professor
    MIT B.Tech, Aurangabad

Impulse..... (Extempore)

The mission was to develop Spontaneity i.e. think on the spot and express your thoughts. It channelizes the thought process. To strengthen students ability in speaking skills as well as their oral interactive strategies.

The judges for the said event were:

  1. Dr. Chitra Desai
    HOD, Assistant Professor, Department of MCA
    MIT, Aurangabad
  2. Mr. Akshay Bhalerao
    Sr. Officer, Human Resource
    NRB Bearing Limited, Waluj, Aurangabad

The Quest (Business Quiz)

This Quiz Competition aims to:

  1. Encourage students to explore their knowledge in various disciplines.
  2. Build self- esteem.
  3. Empower students to use their knowledge & learning regarding past, present & future trends.
  4. Motivate students towards full development of their potentials in enhancing their knowledge while having fun in learning.

Click Buzz (The Hunt Begins)

The competition was very impressive as it was on field game were students learned about the teamwork and learned how to develop strong bond and create awareness about team work.

The Valedictory Function was graced by Mr. N. Sriram President and Director, Endress + Hauser (India) Automation Instrumentation Pvt Ltd. He gave an insight on 'Skill sets needed in current Industry' to the students.

Team Building Activity

Organized on 9th Oct, 2013

An outbound team building activity was initiated by the management sciences department at Mhaismal for MBA I and II Year Students. The objective was to develop strong bond and create awareness about team work. The activity involved Tug of War, Know your team members, Manage your environment and Positive behavior exercise.

Students managed to accomplish all the activities joyfully and enthusiastically. They learned about the importance of team work and co-ordination.

Emotional Intelligence

Organized on 7th Sep, 2013

The objective was to develop team building and performance enhancement. The total participation was 110 including corporate delegates, academicians, government employees and students from various streams.

Students Registration for Emotional Intelligence workshop

Prof. Munish Sharma Director General, G. S. Mandal felicitated Mr. Swapnil Pande Infosys Ltd.

Candidates participated in activity during the workshop

Candidates participated in activity during the workshop

MIT MBA Students with Mr. Swapnil Pande

MBA Faculties with Mr. Swapnil Pande



  • Kshiteej - 2013

  • Organized from 15th Feb to 18th Feb, 2013
  • Entrepreneurial skills are necessary not only for students who will become entrepreneurs, but also for individuals working in the increasingly competitive corporate world. Entrepreneurship is a natural fit for business education because entrepreneurship integrates the functional areas of business—accounting, finance, marketing, and management—and the legal and economic environments in which any new venture operates.

  • With the objectives to develop the entrepreneurship skills of the students Management science has been organizing the event “Kshiteej” every year. In Kshiteej 2013 the business management activities had been organized. The activity was team based and teams had registered with the product which they suppose to sell in the institute campus. Teams prepared their business proposal and executed the event on 15th Feb,2013.The Teams presented their business plan on 18th Feb,2013.The Presentations were evaluated by the external judges:Dr. Syed Khalid Hashmi, Professor,from Millennium Institute of Management &Mr. Yogesh ,HR Executive, Foster India

  • Sports day -2013

  • Organized from 22nd to 24th Jan, 2013
  • Sports and games are very important for the students even at post graduate level. Sports activity offer students a change from the monotony of daily life. It is a useful means of entertainment and physical activity. Sports and games help in character building. They give students energy and strength. During sports students learn how to maintain mental balance in the midst of hopes and despair.

    Sports activities develop a sense of friendliness and team spirit among students. Considering these benefits we conducted the sports day, which included the indoor & outdoor games like chess, carom, Cricket and Running race

  • Kshiteej - 2012

  • Organized on 17th & 18th Feb, 2012
  • Kshiteej is the regular feature event of the campus. Objective to organize this event is to provide platform to the students to show their hidden potential. In Kshiteej 2012 the different activities like quiz, management games and business management had been organized. The event provided opportunity to the students to demonstrate their team management, innovation, and coordination skills.

  • Social Day -2012

  • Organized on 11th & 12th March, 2012
  • Today’s mangers not only be the competent mangers but also socially responsible mangers. Today the consumers are valuing the social responsible businesses. Thus we organized the social day to educate students to embrace responsibility for the actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, and communities The objective of the social day is to create awareness / provide solution for some social/ environmental issues in Aurangabad city or around areas.

    Group of Students visited to Adgaon village and create the awareness program about investment avenues available for the farmers. Other groups of students visited the Local Remand Home and Old age Home and conducted the different activities